Monday, December 1, 2008

Wedding Planning

WOW. Its been awhile since I last blogged, huh?

I originally thought it would be really fun, and i would totally be into it, but it's not been the first thing on my mind, as you can see.

Lindsay makes it look so easy!!!

I have been a pretty busy lady, since my last blog I have gotten engaged, and as much as I would like to say Ive been busy planning my wedding....

I have not.

I have this weird feeling that everything is just going to come together at the end, and its fine to think, but in the end I know that I need to put a little effort into all of it.

Its a lot to do. And I think the last email I got from some wedding website said that I have about 8 months left and listed all of the things that I should currently be working on..... Ill get there.

I had a great Thanksgiving with Brian's family and we got to spend our day with Riley, so that was fun. I hope you all had a great Holiday, and I'll work on being better at this blogging stuff.

AIDS AWENESS DAY- Wear your red ribbon in memory of those that have lived and continue to live with AIDS- ADVOCATE!

Monday, April 7, 2008


Having been a nanny for 4 years, I haven't had to deal with "Co-Workers". Its a whole new world out there that I'm still learning to navigate through, and I have to tell you , I don't really like it. (which is kinda funny, because I really like people!)

I have a hard time when people don't see me as a person, or don't know the whole me, and that although I don't have children of my own, I basically raised 2 for 4 years, and although I don't have a complete education, I have life experience that some hopefully will never have.

Its been an ongoing problem dealing with WOMEN at my school. There is the trivial pettiness, which I can dodge, but its the overt rudeness, or outright disrespect that makes me want to seriously revert back to my High School days when I was a "Mean Girl"!!!

Its crazy, because as much as its a problem, I try to take the high road and avoid confrontation, and be the better person, but sometimes, I just want to yell at them and be like "ARE YOU SERIOUS" ??

Here we are trying to teach by example , and you are being a HORRIBLE role model in front of these children.

I had my one year evaluation, and brought up the problem, and when I suggested that the beginning of the year include some "TEAM BUILDING" games, etc. I was told by my director, it probably wouldn't work.

I just think that if some of these women saw me as one of them, if they knew more about me and my life, or even if I knew about them and their life, I might be more willing to accept their flaws...ha ha! ( because of course it's not my fault!)

Anyway, case in point, being back in a work environment has opened my eyes to another whole side of "WORK". And as I look for new employment for the next academic year, Ill keep my fingers crossed for wonderful coworkers..they do exist...right?


Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I couldnt choose what to write about..
One of my friends is in NYC reuniting with a guy we met out on St Pattys Day!
which is crazy and exciting all at the same time:) --------------------------->
My dad moved into his BRAND NEW never lived in Apartment today despite the 6 inches of snow they got on Monday, and although it was hard down sizing, he looks forward to a less stressful way of living.
I got a new kitchen floor yesterday, and i hate it! and teh man that installed it, he peed in our bathroom and left teh seat up and when i wentto use it i sat down and almost fell in... this made me hate the floor even more!
And it seems that 10 of the 12 kids in my class have runny GREEN snotty noses, and dont have the language skills to ask for tissues?? so they walk up to me with green snot rolling/dripping down their chins!!!! nice.
And i anxiously await tomorrow's OPRAH- (A pregnant man.)

Monday, March 31, 2008

Sloppy Jo's and Pretzel Rods

Book Club was cancelled today, so Jenn and i took it upon ourselves to come up with something to occupy our meeting time so we chose..BINGO. Although in the end, we were the only people that went..go figure.

Not just any BINGO, BINGO at St Catherine's..which is funny in itself if you ask me! probably because when i think about St Catherine's, i think about Chris Gates playing football for St Catherine's, and that was what...15 years ago???

We decided around noon, that we'd need our own "dotters" and some "lucky" objects or else we'd look "out of place", and we couldn't have that.. i mean, then if we won, they'd REALLY hate us!

Jenn's lucky items were.. bendable plush, and a beanie baby turtle.

Mine was, a snow globe with a pic of my mom and dad inside, and Riley's lucky care bear

* ( on a side note..some of the people's "lucky" items were INSANE. The woman sitting behind Jenn had about 10 TROLLS from the 1990's, and some women had piles of stuff with extravagant set ups.)

I have to admit not having a mother or grandmother that BINGO'd, i was a little nervous when they started calling crazy things like, "postage stamp", and "fireman's corner", and "outhouse", etc, Jenn sat across from me and didn't even flinch..She even told me that when they call "B-4" you reply "and after"..HA HA HA HA!!! (Shes definitely a closet bingo girl!)

Next time we go, I think i decided i want to bring my mom's ashes as my "lucky" thing!.. a great way to make it REALLY awkward!!! but she'd have a good time :) And Pretzel Rods seemed to be a big hit.. In North Carolina, they sell cigarette's as singles, but at BINGO, they sell Pretzel Rods as singles...i can get used to that. If we get there early next week, we're going to do dinner as well..Something about Sloppy Joe from a church that gets me every time!!!

Looking around the room was crazy, I believe Jenn's quote was "Wow, this is our community and I feel like we're in WEST VIRGINIA."

We had a blast, spent maybe $14 and were there ALL night, I'm just getting home now, and realized it was definitely BLOG-WORTHY!

I can't say I'm a "loser", but we were "non-winner's" tonight...


Sunday, March 30, 2008

my very first BLOG!- (how exciting)

just for a smile..

For those of you that havent heard, Brian and I recently got granted joint custody of Riley. We have her every other weekend and for a week in the summer.

So, anyway, I was undressing her for a bath on Friday night, and taking off her dress and she was wearing a BRA!!!!!!!!!!!!(She's 3!!!!!!!!!)

* on a side note i got my first bra in 3rd grade because Camille got one, and showed all of us girls, and i went home THAT very day and told my mom i needed one, we went that night to Wheaton Plaza, i got my bra at "Little Bo Peep", wore it to school the next day, and never wore it until maybe 6th or 7th grade....**(im still not sure i REALLY need one)

anyway, i just couldnt believe it! I didnt ask her about it b/c i didn't want to make it into a big deal, but it made me laugh and think about all the things that change in life ecspecially roles. Here i was with Brians naked 3 year old, and her bra..... how did this happen again?

We woke up Saturday and she didnt ask for it, so i didnt encourage her to put it on..(She's 3!!!) and no mention of it Sunday.... we'll see if "mom" packs it again next time.

Life goes on.............